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Naval Station Norfolk

Naval Station Norfolk

ESG provides consultative services from Strategic Energy Master Planning™ to construction of comprehensive energy conservation initiatives, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Energy Centers, and Landfill Gas and other Renewable Energy offerings. Our comprehensive offering includes audits, project development, engineering & design services, implementation, financing, Operations & Maintenance Services and Measurement and Verification of Savings.


We understand and appreciate the values and requirements of Federal Installations and their serving Utilities – best value, customer service and reputation are paramount.



Self Funding Programs

ESG provides comprehensive energy services. A key part of these services is the funding of projects where capital dollars are scarce and/or non-existent. As we like to say, projects without funds are only visions. ESG brings financial fuel to the client projects being developed. We bridge the gap between concept and construction by developing funding sources to drive our clients' projects and visions. Whether using energy grants, energy savings through Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESC's), performance contracting agreements, enhanced-use leasing or other options available to our team, we provide the dollars to develop projects that fit into the overall financial strategy of the Federal Installations.


ESG has established relationships with several financial sources and institutions to match all types of customer needs. The ability to match client needs to customized financing and to ensure their vision becomes a reality is what makes ESG more than a construction provider. Almost all of the project work done to date by ESG has been alternatively funded/financed.



Federal Government Experience

Energy Systems Group (ESG) has developed and implemented more than $310 million in infrastructure improvements for our Federal Government clients. These projects are saving in excess of $25 million through annual energy and water savings while providing significant infrastructure improvements, maximizing operational budgets and overcoming the challenges faced by limited capital dollars.


ESG develops comprehensive energy services programs and infrastructure improvements at existing and new federal installations. In a number of cases, installations have implemented additional project phases over and above the initial phase—a testament to the measurable value of these projects and ESG’s quality of work.


As a customer-focused company driven by innovation, ESG continually explores and integrates a diverse spectrum of cost-effective technologies and energy conservation measures. Strongly aligned with the current Federal Government-prescribed procedures and standards, these technologies encourage and facilitate the implementation of energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructure improvements.

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Project Profiles

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Naval Station Norfolk

Norfolk, Virginia


Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Kings Bay, Georgia


U.S. Forest Service

USFS Region 2 & Region 4


Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island

Jacksonville, Florida


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