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Green Energy Facility

Facility Improvements

The project includes improvements to most major systems in the Opequon Water Reclamation Facility, including:

Treatment Infrastructure Renewal

  • New Anaerobic Digestion: Three new 1,250,000 gallon digesters and a 13,000 square foot control building will be constructed.  The control building will house a new laboratory, electrical switchgear, digester boilers, heat exchangers, grinders, pumps, compressors, and associated piping.
  • New Sludge Dewatering System- the existing “plate and frame” presses will be replaced with new gravity belt thickeners, belt filter presses, polymer feed pumps, progressive cavity pumps and associated infrastructure
  • Controls – Upgraded SCADA control system to effectively operate the treatment process systems
  • Electrical Infrastructure: New 12,500 Volt primary switchgear will be installed, along with a new 800 kilowatt emergency power system that is interconnected to the biogas-driven cogeneration system.
  • Aeration System: The existing (4) 450 horsepower multistage blowers with be replaced by (4) new 200 horsepower turbo blowers, along with new electrical switchgear, fine bubble diffusers, and the associated piping and aeration system controls.


Green Energy and Resource Recovery

  • New 848 kilowatt biogas electric cogeneration with biogas conditioning system, net metering and grid paralleling capability, which allows the Opequon facility to operate in “island mode” during a power outage.
  • New High strength food waste and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) receiving facilities with segregated waste storage
  • New Ostara Pearl® phosphorus nutrient recovery system


Facility Efficiency Improvements

  • Improved building energy management control system
  • High efficiency lighting and mechanical system improvements
  • Potable water system upgrade

Old Boilers Preconstruction

New Boilers - December 2014

New Tunnel Lighting Sensors Video

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