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Elaine P. Maimon GSU President

Elaine P. Maimon, Ph.D.

We are all stewards of our planet, and every one of us needs to take steps, large and small, so we can pass along a healthy, sustainable environment for generations to come.


Governors State University (GSU) is moving forward on bold environmental initiatives designed to reduce its carbon footprint. These initiatives put the university in the forefront of energy conservation in the Southland region and across the state of Illinois.


Governors State University is well on its way to becoming the state’s greenest public university. GSU already has one of the state’s largest solar-thermal systems, which heats water for our swimming pool and provides domestic hot water for most of the university. We have rebuilt parking lots with environmentally-friendly pavers that prevent harmful pollutants from entering storm sewers and the groundwater supply.


In March 2008, I signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, an effort to address global warming by garnering commitments in higher education to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions and to accelerate research and educational efforts to stabilize the earth’s climate.


Now Governors State University is taking the next step forward on campus environmental sustainability. With the completion of a comprehensive energy audit by Energy Systems Group, we are implementing projects that provide significant environmental benefits, while reducing energy costs over the next ten years. GSU will continue looking for ways to wisely use scarce natural resources. We will fulfill our environmental commitment so our children and grandchildren inherit a green, sustainable planet.

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