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Park Lighting Project


The Park Lighting Project will entail retrofitting, repairing, and or replacing lighting systems at the city marina, Community Park, and the Sombraro Trail with a combination of high efficiency LED, Induction, and Florescent technologies that on average will reduce energy consumption of the lighting by over 50%. In total over 270 lights will be included in the work.


Sombraro Trail: All of the decorative lights along the trail will be retrofitted to LED lightings that will use less than half the electricity of the existing lights and are rated to last for roughly 20 years. This includes the use of FWC approved turtle friendly LED lights along the beach portion of the trail.


Community Park: All of the decorative pathway lights will be retrofitted with an Induction lamp and ballast. These lamps use less than half of the electricity of the existing lighting and are rated to last for roughly 20 years.


City Marina: The existing lighting systems at the Marina will be updated with higher efficiency florescent and induction lamps and fixtures.