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8 | Energy Systems Group
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Tipton County, located in Central Indiana, partnered with Energy Systems Group
(ESG) to design and implement energy infrastructure renovations and upgrades
to the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems at the Tipton County
Courthouse. The infrastructure improvements and upgrades will result in more
than $2 million in savings, over the 10-year term of the contract.
Energy savings data reports indicate that Tipton County has in fact exceeded the
anticipated impact of energy savings improvements by approximately $34,000 in
the first five years since the program’s completion in 2008.
Environmental Benefits
By implementing key energy conservation and sustainability measures, Tipton
County will in fact reduce its carbon footprint by approximately 580 metric tons of
carbon dioxide, over the 10-year term of the contract. This is equivalent to one of
the following environmental benefits:
• Removal of emissions from more than 120 passenger vehicles
• Creating enough electricity to power more than 80 homes
• Planting about 200 acres of trees
Tipton County
Tipton, Indiana
Energy & Operational
Savings over $2 million