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6 | Energy Systems Group
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Hendersonville Water and Sewer selected ESG, a leading energy services
provider, to implement an $11.6 million Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
project, whereby it will replace 25,534 city water meters with new meters and
install a Sensus FlexNet System throughout the City of Hendersonville’s water
distribution system to allow for remote reading of water meters.
Strategies & Solutions
Automated Meter Reading (AMR), or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI),
allows water utilities to gather utility usage data from its customers, both
residential and commercial, without manually reading meters. The utility
improves services and saves money by minimizing the costs associated with
reading individual residential and commercial meters while allowing more
time to do other required maintenance activities. In addition, AMR/AMI
improves data accuracy and helps identify anomalies.
The FlexNet System communicates with the meters to provide system status,
meter readings, and includes programming to alarm for suspected leaks on
the customer’s side of the meter. This provides an environmental benefit
for reducing and promptly identifying loss of water and associated waste in
energy for pumping the water as well as eliminating the pollution associated
with driving meter reading vehicles.
The economic benefits include more accurate meter readings for end users
and the City as well as operational savings of more than $3.8 million over the
15-year term of the project, for Hendersonville Water and Sewer.
Improved and more efficient meter reading operations utilizing AMR/AMI
technologies can help municipalities conserve water, improve customer
service and reliability, maximize capital budgets, protect property, preserve
system capacities and reduce operating costs.
City of Hendersonville
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Innovative Energy
Efficiency Measures will
Save over $3.8 Million in
Operational Costs
FlexNet System Communication Tower
(Photo provided by Advanced Wireless Solutions, INC)