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8 | Energy Systems Group
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The mission of Iowa Wesleyan College (IWC) is to prepare students to succeed
in a changing global environment. Iowa Wesleyan is a four year liberal arts
college providing quality individualized learning experiences that combine the
development of the intellect with adaptive life skills. The college is affiliated with
the United Methodist Church with which it shares a commitment to spiritual
values, social justice and human welfare.
Iowa Wesleyan College selected Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading energy
services provider, to develop a $4.9 million energy savings performance contract
which includes the decommissioning of the College’s central steam system and
installation of new energy systems campus-wide.
The College currently relies on a 50-year old central steam system. The boiler
plant is owned and operated by Mt. Pleasant Utilities, with the underground
piping network owned and maintained by the College. Iowa Wesleyan is the only
customer for the boiler plant.
Strategies & Solutions
Geothermal and new ground-source heat pump systems will be installed in
Pioneer, Old Main and the P.E.O. Administration Building. Local gas fired hot water
and steam boilers will be located in eight other buildings. Three campus buildings,
The Nemitz Suites, Howe Student Activity Center, and Harlan-Lincoln House
currently have independent heating systems. In addition, lighting and occupancy
sensors will be placed in several buildings.
Environmental Benefits
The energy efficiency improvements will reduce Iowa Wesleyan’s carbon emissions
by more than 1,390,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year which is the equivalent
of removal of emissions from more than 117 cars annually, or the planting of
more than 186 acres of trees annually. Annual energy and operational savings are
projected to be more than $400,000 a year.
IowaWesleyan College
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
“In addition to the significant
positive impact this systemwill
have on the environment, it will
also provide a huge reduction in
expenditures for the College.”
Dr. Jay K. Simmons, President of IWC
Annual Energy & Operational
Savings Over $400,000