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In many colleges and universities, implementing sustainable development
through energy efficiency and green technology has become a priority for both
students and faculty. Energy Systems Group has successfully developed and
implemented green strategies in schools across America, eliminating unnecessary
spending and reducing the environmental impact of each academic institution.
Developing Custom Solutions
Energy Systems Group can design customized plans to meet the needs and
expectations of your academic institution. Whether you are searching for ways to
reduce your institution’s energy consumption or are ready to switch to renewable
energy sources, our engineers and leading infrastructure specialists will create
the ideal solution to fit your budget and resources. By carefully analyzing the
current technology and infrastructure of your institution, we can help turn it into a
sustainable school.
Project Management
During the implementation of your college’s green infrastructure solutions,
Energy Systems Group’s project managers will monitor the progress and direct
the operations of the work. In addition, consultants such as our team of Energy
Coaches can help educate the staff and students of your institution about
sustainability and energy efficiency.
Smart Financial Solutions
At Energy Systems Group, we understand that your academic institution’s primary
goal is the education of your students. With our comprehensive financing plans,
we can ensure that your institution’s green vision becomes an affordable reality.
Green Systems Operations
After installation, Energy Systems Group will continue to monitor and maintain
the energy infrastructure measures implemented to ensure that they are
operating correctly. Through ongoing verification of resource consumption,
Energy Systems Group will confirm that your institution remains as efficient as
possible. In addition, we will analyze the improvements that have been made to
your academic institution in terms of resources conserved and money saved.
At Energy Systems Group, we strive to provide our customers with innovative
solutions that increase the sustainability of the academic institution while meeting
its financial plans and goals. To learn more about the green improvements we can
bring to your school, contact ESG today.
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