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Energy Systems Group developed a comprehensive energy savings and
infrastructure improvement program to design and install facility improvements
that reduce energy consumption and address deferred maintenance issues in 56
buildings throughout the University of Arkansas Fayetteville campus. The project
marks phase one of an ESG-University of Arkansas campus-wide energy savings
and facility modernization program and the second collaboration between ESG
and the University of Arkansas.
Strategies & Solutions
ESG’s energy performance agreement guarantees energy savings over a 13-
year period will cover the cost of building improvements. ESG will reduce the
University’s total annual energy consumption on campus by 30 percent.
Renovations will include the installation of more efficient lighting, heating and
cooling systems, water conservation equipment, and installation of a solar powered
heater for the swimming pool in the Health Education and Recreation building.
In addition, ESG developed a campus-wide communications campaign about
the energy savings performance initiatives.The “Razors EDGE” program provides
students, faculty, staff and facility maintenance specialists with timely information
regarding construction schedules, program benefits and training on use of the
new equipment and controls.
ESG also implemented a $3.6 million modernization and facility improvement
program for the John W. Tyson Center of Excellence for Poultry Science. This
program significantly reduces energy consumption while enhancing the learning
and working environment. The program included retrofitting 57 laboratory fume
hoods with low flow technology, new and updated HVAC controls, a new filter
system, and improved communications and alarms.
Environmental Benefits
Annual Greenhouse Gas Reduction equivalent to 18,879 metric tons of Carbon
Dioxide which equates to one of the following environmental benefits:
• Planting 15,475 Acres of Pine Forest
• Removing 3,933 Cars from the Road
• Creating Enough Energy to Power 972 Homes
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Total Annual Energy
Consumption Reduced by 30%
“This partnership between ESG and
the University of Arkansas underlines
our commitment to sustainability
and green environmental initiatives.
It is a definite plus that ESG is
able to guarantee these
improvements will pay for
themselves, and, in the long term,
save money for both the University
and the Arkansas taxpayers.”
G. David Gearhart, University of
Arkansas Chancellor