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6 | Energy Systems Group
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The University of Illinois Veterinary Medicine Complex will undergo a
transformation as part of an innovative partnership between campus Facilities
and Services (F&S) and Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading energy services
company (ESCO) contracted to develop and implement a comprehensive
energy-savings performance project.
The Vet Med ESCO project will achieve energy and cost savings by improving
energy infrastructure and technology and by modernizing facilities. The
changes will improve our facilities, benefit the campus bottom line, and make
us more earth-friendly.
Once the project is completed, energy consumption at Vet Med is projected to
drop by nearly 40%, and its carbon footprint will be reduced by more than 17
million pounds of carbon dioxide over the 18 year term of the project. This is
equivalent to one of the following annual environmental benefits:
• Removing approximately 1,432 vehicles from the road
• Planting about 2,144 acres of forest
Strategies & Solutions
The Vet Med Complex is located on the south-end of the campus and consists
of the Basic Science Building (BSB), the Teaching Hospital (VMTH) and the
Clinical Skills Learning Center (CSLC). The Teaching Hospital is comprised of
two buildings joined together; the Small Animal Clinic (SAC) and the Large
Animal Clinic (LAC). These four buildings along with the Chiller Plant occupy
just over half a million gross square feet.
The project scope encompasses all the buildings and includes the following
Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs):
• Lighting & Occupancy Sensors
• Duct cleaning
• Water conservation
• Piping system re-insulation
• Steam trap program
• Coil cleaning
• VFDs and motor replacements
• Refrigeration equipment heat recovery
University of Illinois
Veterinary Medicine Complex – Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
Energy Consumption
Projected to be
Reduced by nearly 40%
• Doors and weather stripping
• Roofing
• VAV retrofit
• Fume hood upgrades
• Demand control ventilation
• AHU replacements & upgrades
• Chilled water variable flow
• Cooling replacement