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The Town of Woodbridge signed a $13.4 million contract, approved by
referendum in February 2014, with Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading
energy services provider, for the implementation of comprehensive building
infrastructure renovations at Beecher Road School. ESG managed the
building upgrades which included energy conservation measures, mechanical
and controls upgrades, building envelope improvements, and security
enhancements. Most work was completed during two summers and in the
evenings to avoid disruption to the learning environment.
Strategies & Solutions
As the building systems at Beecher Road School dated back to the 1960s,
they were outdated, performing poorly, and beyond their useful life. The
sustainable infrastructure improvements implemented have significantly
enhanced the learning environment while making the school more energy
efficient and modernized. Major work completed through the project includes a
new roof on the A, B and C Wings, installation of 970 solar panels on the
school’s roof, new window walls in the A and B wings, as well as completion of
the new heating and air conditioning system, which provides central air to the
whole school.
Beecher Road School
Savings Information
Energy and Operational Savings
over $283,937 Annually over the 15
Year Term of the Project
Electric Energy Consumption
Reduced by 634,786 kWh
Natural Gas Usage Reduced by
24,130 therms
Project Size
$13.4 million
Environmental Benefits
Carbon Footprint Reduced by over
567 Metric Tons of CO
Annually or
equivalent to any of the following:
Removal of greenhouse gas
emissions from 119 passenger
vehicles annually
Conserving enough electricity to
power over 51 homes annually
Planting of about 465 acres of
forests annually
Town of Woodbridge, Connecticut
Energy Conservation Measures
Lighting (Interior & Exterior LED
fixtures, LED Pool Lighting)
Building Envelope
Water Retrofit
Plug Load Controls
Transformer Replacement
Walk-in Fridge/Freezer Controls
Window Wall Replacement
New Entrance Doors
Roof Replacement (White PVC
Roof with Increased Insulation)
New Classroom Casework
North and South Canopies
Wall Painting
Drop Ceiling Replacements
Mechanical & Controls Upgrades
Three (3) New High-Efficiency
Condensing Boilers
Heating, Ventilation, and Air
Conditioning (HVAC) Upgrades
including adding Air Conditioning
to the Entire School
Five (5) New Roof Top Units
Six (6) Air Handler Units
Micro Turbine (“Power
High Efficiency Chiller
Domestic Hot Water Heaters
Pool Dehumidification Unit
New Building Automation System
Security System
Sallyports and Bullet Resistant
Glass (North & South Vestibules)
Window Security Film (15 Mil Film
Installed on all Exterior Glass)
Access Control (Video Intercom
and Access Cards)
Visitor Management
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