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Selma City Schools partnered with Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading
energy services provider, to develop and implement comprehensive energy
and infrastructure improvements that will improve the learning environment
and reduce utility costs. The $5.9 million project is anticipated to result in more
than $9.3 million of total energy and operational savings over the 20-year term
of the contract, signed in June 2015.
Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Improvements
ESG implemented comprehensive energy conservation measures and building
improvements including interior and exterior lighting upgrades, new energy
management control systems in all buildings, occupancy sensors, water
conservation upgrades, weatherization upgrades in all buildings, de-
stratification fans in four gyms, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
system (HVAC) upgrades at Hudson Middle School, Meadowview Elementary
School, and Payne Elementary School. The HVAC upgrades include state-of-
the-art variable refrigerant volume systems which allow buildings to run at high
efficiencies while providing comfort and flexible temperature controls.
Environmental Benefits
The energy conservation measures will reduce Selma City Schools’ carbon
footprint by approximately 1,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, which
is equivalent to planting 1,300 acres of forest per year.
Selma City Schools
Savings Information
Energy and Operational Savings
over $9.3 Million
Project Size
$5.9 Million
This project will not only
improve the quality of the
learning environment at
Selma City Schools, it will
also reduce energy and
operational costs allowing
us to invest those dollars
for educational purposes.
This project will also help
our schools promote
stewardship by reducing
our carbon footprint.”
Dr. Angela Mangum,
Superintendent, Selma
City Schools
Selma, Alabama
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