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Pinellas County Schools
Largo, Florida
Project Background
The Pinellas County School District,
situated midway up Florida’s west coast,
is the 23rd-largest school district in the
nation and the state’s seventh-largest.
Pinellas’ annual utility budget tops $26
million, and, as most of its counterparts
across the nation, faces many income and
expense dilemmas: how to reduce utility
consumption to help control the escalating
costs for electricity, gas, and water.
Strategies & Solutions
Energy Systems Group partnered with the
Pinellas County School District to provide a
unique, broad scope energy management
program that included comprehensive
energy audits, strategic implementation and
engagement of onsite Energy Coaches.
The ESG Energy Coaches team is comprised
of certified energy managers, certified air-
quality professionals, and brings extensive
background in public utilities. With an
office in the Pinellas Schools Institution
Services Center, the ESG Energy Coach
team educates and assists Pinellas site
staff in analyzing utility consumption
patterns and facility operational practices
to identify opportunities for reducing
consumption and cost while maintaining
and improving environmental conditions.
Key Installed Technologies
Consulting Services
• Implementation of behavior modification
education program to reduce energy uses
• Energy policy and strategy development
Utility Services
• Comprehensive bill verification for electric,
gas, water and waste utilities
• Continuous rate and tariff analysis and
verification program
• Utility contract and purchasing strategy
development and negotiation
Engineering Services
• Energy portfolio analysis for all facilities
• Technology recommendations to maximize
enhancement opportunities
• Capital investment strategy based on
audit findings
• Mechanical and electrical system
operation optimization
• Continuous site auditing and reporting
Overall the ESG Energy
Coaches have returned about
$500,000 through various
refunds and generated an
additional $1.5 Million of cost
avoidance savings for the
Pinellas School District in the
first two years of the Pinellas
County Schools – ESG
Dr. Michael Tomalesky,
Assistant Superintendent
of Institutional Services
Operations, Pinellas County
School District
Energy and
Operational Savings Over
$14 Million
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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