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Key Installed Technologies
Lighting Systems
• New lighting systems and retrofit upgrades
for all classrooms and offices
• Upgraded emergency lighting systems
HVAC System
• New central air-conditioning systems
and piping
• New boilers and piping
• New computerized energy
management system
• New air-conditioning systems for
auditorium and gymnasium
Building Envelope and Interior
• New windows and exterior entry doors
• New acoustical tile ceilings in hallways
Comprehensive Maintenance Services
for 32 Buildings
Baltimore City Public School System
Baltimore, Maryland
Annual Energy and
Operational Savings
Over $3 Million
ESG is an important
component of a system-
wide strategy to improve the
condition of all our school
J. Keith Scroggins,
COO of Baltimore City
Public School System
Project Background
The Baltimore Public School System (BCPSS)
needed to upgrade and improve the
learning environments, energy efficiency
and operations of the 32 buildings with more
than 3 million square feet of floor space
while positively affecting school operations
and the existing capital budget funds.
Strategies & Solutions
Through an intensive partnership
development process and a comprehensive
needs analysis with the leaders of
BCPSS, ESG developed a strategy and
implementation program to improve
the infrastructure of 32 school buildings.
In addition, ESG developed a unique
maintenance partnership to provide
on-going services to the administration,
staff and students to ensure that the
operations at the buildings supported the
school system’s mission to afford effective
learning environments. ESG implemented
this $20 million project through:
• Financing Package Using No Capital from
BCPSS Budgets
• Guaranteed Energy Savings Decreasing
Operational Costs
• Upgraded HVAC, Lighting, and Electrical
Systems to Improve Building Life
• NewWindow Systems & Building
Envelope Improvements Increasing
Occupant Comfort
• Improved Student & Staff Learning
• Long-term Maintenance Services to Ensure
Effective Building System Operation
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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