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The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is the 8th largest
water and wastewater utility in the nation, serving nearly 1.8 million residents
and approximately 460,000 customer accounts in the Prince George’s and
Montgomery counties over an area of nearly 1,000 square miles. They operate and
maintain eight water and wastewater plants, more than 5,500 miles of fresh water
pipeline and nearly 5,400 miles of sewer pipeline.
In 2010, the WSSC selected Energy Systems Group (ESG), a specialized
energy services and performance contracting company (ESCO), to complete
comprehensive energy efficiency and infrastructure improvements for the
Potomac Water Filtration (WFP) Plant in Potomac, Maryland.
ESG will implement over $6.3 million of critical infrastructure upgrades that
include the installation of the newest advances in technology to reduce the WSSC
raw water pumping annual energy usage by 13%. ESG guarantees that energy
savings over the defined 15-year term of the performance contracting project
will cover the costs of energy and infrastructure improvements, averaging about
$562,300 in energy savings annually.
The project consists of rebuilding six 50 MGD pumps, reconditioning six 2000hp
motors and the installation of metering instrumentation for the 25 pumps
in the RawWater, Main Zone and High Zone pumping stations. Key installed
technologies include large two-stage vertical and horizontal turbine pumps and
large synchronous electric motors.
Environmental Benefits
This sustainable project will reduce the WSSC’s carbon footprint by more than
3,500 tons of carbon dioxide and will provide annual environmental benefits
equivalent to the removal of emissions from more than 600 cars or the planting of
about 8,100 trees.
WSSC Headquarters in Laurel, Maryland
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Potomac, Maryland
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