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Performance Contracting for Water &Wastewater
Water andWastewater systems consume three percent of all of the electricity in
the US. They are usually the most expensive part of local government to operate
and maintain. The EPA has estimated that over $500 billion will need to be
invested over the next 20 years to replace aging infrastructure
. Combined with
other competing budget issues and local governments are strained to find ways to
manage all of the needs.
Performance Contracting can help you tackle these issues. Using a design-build
delivery model combined with convenient financing, many of the most common
repair and modernization projects can be completed. Our goal is to help you get
the urgent and important projects done—easily and with confidence.
The most common reasons why other municipal utilities have chosen a
Performance Contracting project with ESG are:
From energy to water, ESG can help you
create a more efficient infrastructure.
• The most convenient way to accomplish major construction projects
• Financial assurance of project cost
• Peace of mind from working with quality contractors and manufacturers
• Reduced energy and operational expenses providing the lowest overall life cycle costs
Water &Wastewater Overview
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