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A substantial amount of annual revenue was being lost by the City of Mt. Carmel,
Illinois as a result of aging and inaccurate water meters. Additionally, the City’s
water and wastewater facilities required updates to maintain process critical
operation and to meet EPA requirements. Faced with an immediate need for
funding to implement these necessary improvements, the City of Mt. Carmel
chose ESG as their preferred ESCO partner to develop a performance contract.
Through quality engineering and design, ESG developed and implemented a fully
funded $2.5 Million Energy Savings and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) project,
which allowed the City to address their facility and infrastructure needs without
the burden of a tax increase to the local citizens.
Strategies & Solutions
ESG’s approach to solution development for the City included various
technologies and strategies.
• All of the commercial and residential water meters (over 3,500 meters) were replaced,
and a drive-by AMR system with leak detection technology was installed to increase
meter accuracy and reduce costs associated with reading individual meters.
• Lighting retrofits and replacements and HVAC improvements were implemented in
seven City facilities to increase energy efficiency and upgrade aging equipment.
• Substantial work was also completed at the City’s Water Treatment Facility including
new backwash pump, turbidity meters, and media filters.
• New sludge pumps were installed, and digester gas repairs were also conducted at the
Wastewater Treatment Plant.
• City water wells were refurbished, and new high efficiency pumps were installed.
• ESG also provided the City with 10 solar-powered golf cart battery charging systems.
Environmental Benefits
This sustainable project will reduce the City of Mt. Carmel’s carbon footprint
by more than 130 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide which equates to one of the
following environmental benefits:
• Removal of emissions equivalent to over 27 passenger vehicles per year
• Creating enough electricity to provide more than 19 homes per year
• Planting over 107 acres of forests annually
City of Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel, Illinois
Total Project Savings
over $3.9 Million
“ESG was very thorough and
professional during their
investigation and analysis of City
needs, resources and fixed assets.
I am very satisfied with the project
and the work performed by ESG and
its subcontractors.”
Rudy L. Witsman, City Clerk
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