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Energy Systems Group (ESG) was selected by the City of Wapakoneta to
investigate energy efficiency measures to implement at a variety of city
facilities. As part of the $1.34 million energy performance contract, Energy
Systems Group designed and developed improvements for the City’s
wastewater treatment plant.
The 4 MGD (million gallons per day) capacity plant, originally built in 1932,
uses an activated sludge treatment process.
The upgrades included the addition of dissolved oxygen sensors for the
aeration system, which allowed the large horsepower motors on the blowers
to operate less often.
Other improvements included expansion and repairs for the supervisory
control, or SCADA, system. These projects improved operator control of the
plant. This work would not have been possible without the alternative funding
approach of an energy savings performance contract.
This project resulted in total energy savings of $338,360 over the ten year
contract. This represents a reduction of over 25% of the total annual electric
costs for the plant.
“I felt the project went very
smoothly and the savings were
quickly apparent. The construction
experience was especially amazing.
One of the subcontractors even
worked nights so as not to disrupt
our operation. I would definitely
do it again.”
Robert Burns, Wastewater
City of Wapakoneta
Wapakoneta, Ohio
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