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The leadership of Bloomington Utilities was looking to upgrade their city’s 20
MGD wastewater treatment facility and significantly improve energy efficiency.
The upgrades needed to improve the local environment without increasing
costs to rate payers.
Energy Systems Group leveraged the most advanced technology in water
treatment systems with their award winning design and project management
team to improve the City’s wastewater processing capabilities.
This $2.3 million project increased energy and operational efficiency while
extending the life of the treatment plant to function well into the next decade. The
benefits to the citizens of Bloomington included:
• Innovative Water Treatment System Improvements to Increase Overall Capacity
and Facility Life
• Guaranteed Energy Savings to Fund Existing Water Services
• Upgraded HVAC & Lighting Systems to Increase Facility Operations
• Financing Package Using Tax Exempt Options to Maximize Existing Budgets and
Minimize Effects on the Existing Tax Base
• Increasing Plant Efficiency while Improving the Local Environment
Key Installed Technologies included at theWastewater Facility at the
City of Bloomington:
Treatment Facility Improvements
• New fine bubble aeration diffuser system
• Structural upgrades to aerobic digester
• New 600 HP high efficiency, centrifugal blower system
HVAC System Improvements
• New gas fired make-up air units
• Upgraded HVAC control systems
Lighting Improvements
• New exterior high efficiency lighting
• Upgraded emergency lighting systems
30% Reduction inWastewater Treatment Facilities Annual Energy Consumption
Energy and Operational
Savings Over $2.6 Million
City of Bloomington Utilities
Bloomington, Indiana
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