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8 | Energy Systems Group
Waste-to-Energy |
Landfill Gas to Energy Experience
Centennial Park is a closed landfill which has been transformed into a centerpiece
for the Town’s recreational and community activities, and now includes a 9-hole
golf course, water features, amphitheater, a restaurant and banquet facility,
walking trails and public art.
In partnership with Energy Systems Group (ESG) and through funding made
available by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Munster Redevelopment
Commission approved development of this $4.3 million beneficial-use electric
generation project. The Town plans to sell the power it generates as a part of this
project back to the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) at their
Renewable Feed-in Tariff rate for biomass projects.
This project includes a GE Jenbacher engine/generator which utilizes the landfill
gas (LFG) from the municipally-owned Centennial Park Landfill site to produce
approximately 1.1 MW of electricity. In addition to a new flare and blower, the
project employs a heat conversion technology which will take excess heat off of
a large generator at the site. This heat will then be transformed into additional
electricity. The green electricity generated will then be delivered to the NIPSCO
electric distribution system where it will be used by residents and businesses
throughout Northwest Indiana.
‘’As we worked to close the landfill to refuse, we recognized the resource that
developed at the site in the form of methane gas,’’ said Munster Town Manager
Tom DeGiulio. ‘’In fact, we captured the methane gas previously and used it to
power our clubhouse and irrigation system. Utilizing this 50/50 Department
of Energy grant allows us to broaden the scope of the project and increase the
impact of a project that has already received LEED Silver distinction.’’
By capturing these landfill gases, this sustainable project is helping provide
environmental benefits equivalent to the removal of emissions from more than
1,100 cars per year or the planting of about 1,200 acres of forest annually.
Ceremonial Groundbreaking for the
New Centennial Park Landfill Gas
to Energy Facility
Centennial Park LFGE Facility
Town of Munster, Indiana