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2 | Energy Systems Group
Waste-to-Energy |
At Energy Systems Group, energy efficiency, modernized infrastructure, clean
energy and smart financial planning are not only the outcomes of the solutions we
provide, they serve as the foundation of our strategic vision and sustainability goals.
Through our core business of performance contracting and extensive network of
utility partnerships, ESG provides innovative solutions for the modernization of
buildings and energy infrastructures in the government, education, healthcare
and commercial sectors. ESG also designs, builds and operates central and
cogeneration plants and offers a full range of waste-to-energy, solar, wind and
geothermal technology solutions.
ESG’s expansive portfolio includes the “full spectrum” of biogas utilization
including: landfill gas to electricity, landfill gas to medium Btu and direct user,
landfill gas to high Btu and pipeline injection, and most recently landfill gas to
high Btu with a combination of pipeline injection and compressed processed
methane for transportation fuel.
Energy Systems Group is committed to the development and operation
of renewable energy projects. The ESG team is comprised of highly skilled
professionals who can evaluate your needs, design a project that will maintain
environmental compliance and provide you with a new source of revenue.
Landfill Gas Usage
Landfill gas projects generate revenue from the sale of the gas and also create
green jobs associated with the design, construction, and operation of energy
systems. Once converted, landfill gas can be utilized in many ways: to generate
electricity, heat, or steam; as an alternative vehicle fuel; or sold on the energy
market as a renewable “green” power or gas.
• Electricity is the most widely used of the landfill gas projects. The electricity can be
used for internal facilities or sold to external consumers.
• Direct-Use is used to replace non-renewable resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas.
• Cogeneration produces both electricity and thermal energy. This normally relates to
steam or hot water and is very efficient.
• Pipeline Gas is a high Btu application. Landfill methane is processed to meet interstate
pipeline standards and is injected into the delivery system.
• High value Btu systems generate premium value for landfills.
Biogas Recovery Systems
We bring a unique understanding of the markets we serve, and provide the
skill and discipline to deliver projects that meet the needs of farm partners
and asset owners. We see this as a substantial step forward in the business and
environmental management of dairies. Dairyland Farms is the first of several
Pecan Row Landfill Gas Facility
Valdosta, Georgia
Iris Glen Landfill
Johnson City, Tennessee
Waste-to-Energy Overview