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anaerobic digester projects inWisconsin and nationwide for ESG. ESG’s farm-based
anaerobic digestion projects promote rural and agricultural sector economic
development and sustainable, renewable energy production.
About Energy Systems Group
Energy Systems Group (ESG), an award-winning energy services provider,
specializes in developing sustainable energy solutions which allow building
owners to maximize their energy efficiency and operational performance, while
reducing their carbon footprint.
Energy Systems Group is accredited by the National Association of Energy Service
Companies (NAESCO) as an energy services provider. ESG’s comprehensive
offering includes facility-wide audits, energy and facility project development,
engineering and design services, implementation, financing, operations and
maintenance services and measurement and verification of savings.
ESG Helps Customers:
• Rebuild aging infrastructure
• Modernize their old buildings
• Improve comfort and productivity
• Become energy efficient
• Lower greenhouse gas emissions
• Reduce carbon footprints
• Become Green
Energy Systems Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vectren Corporation
(NYSE:VVC). To learn more about ESG, visit
The ESG Guarantee
The ESG team is comprised of professional engineers, project managers, and
energy and operations specialists that bring exceptional expertise in developing
and implementing comprehensive infrastructure and energy performance
projects of varying complexity and size, including renewable energy, waste-to-
energy, utility and co-generation projects.
Commitment to Community
As a customer-focused company, the development of long-lasting and trusting
relationships continues to be the foundation of our business. Our business
model upholds our commitment to giving back to our customers’ communities
and progressively partnering to promote local economic growth, job creation,
education, and environmental stewardship.
Waste-to-Energy |
Blackfoot Clean Energy Plant
Winslow, Indiana
Live Oak Landfill Gas to Energy Facility
Atlanta, Georgia
Waste-to-Energy Overview