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4 | Energy Systems Group
Waste-to-Energy |
Landfill Gas to Energy Experience
Energy Systems Group designed, engineered, installed and funded the innovative
Iris Glen Landfill Gas to Energy Facility in Johnson City, Tennessee. ESG also
continues to operate and maintain the facility. Processed landfill is transported
through a four (4) mile dedicated pipeline built and operated by ESG to the
Mountain Home Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. This project serves two
main clients and over 2,000,000 square feet of facilities with waste to energy gas.
This project is being funded entirely by ESG with no cost or debt to the City of
Johnson City, TN. The anticipated annual revenue to the city is approximately
$500,000+ per year and this amount will grow over the life of the project.
The gas is used as a one-for-one replacement of natural gas to generate steam,
electricity and chilled water for the VA complex.
ESG was one of the first companies to utilize this innovative gas clean up
technology to process landfill gas into a high quality natural gas resource. The
project has won several awards and national recognition:
• SolidWaste Association of North America (SWANA) Bronze Excellence in SolidWaste
Management Award in Landfill Gas Utilization
• 2007 Tennessee Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Leadership
• Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) 2007 Project of the Year Award
“This project is a tremendous credit
to the foresight of the City, to the
active involvement of the Mountain
Home Veterans Administration
as end-users of the ‘green’ energy,
and to the innovative, technical
approach by our partner, Energy
Systems Group.”
Phil Pindzola – Director of Public
Works, City of Johnson City, TN.
Iris Glen Landfill Gas to Energy Facility
Johnson City, Tennessee