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Orlando Sanford International Airport
Sanford, Florida
Project Background
Over 1,750,000 annual passengers traveling
through Orlando Sanford International
Airport (SFB) now benefit from key facility
enhancements implemented by ESG
throughout this state-of-the-art airport.
Energy Systems Group (ESG) partnered
with TBI Airport Management, Inc. in a
10-year $3.375 million energy savings
contract for key energy conservation
and facility upgrades throughout SFB.
Underlining the Sanford Airport Authority’s
green environmental initiatives, the
project implemented by Energy Systems
Group will reduce the airport’s carbon
footprint through a 35% reduction of
carbon emissions produced by the existing
electrical usage at SFB. In addition,
water consumption will be reduced
by about 982,000 gallons per year.
Strategies & Solutions
• Three new high efficiency chillers to reduce
energy consumption, improve facility
comfort, and extend the overall life of the
facility’s air conditioning system.
• A new, modern energy management
system capable of providing demand
control ventilation based on temperature
and humidity, which will significantly
reduce the airport’s operating cost.
• A new high efficiency lighting system with
occupancy sensors plus conversion of all
traffic and pedestrian control signals to
Light Emitting Diode technology (LEDs).
Daylight harvesting strategies will also be
implemented in the vast open areas of
the terminal to use natural sunlight for a
majority of lighting required during the day.
• New automatic flush valves on all toilet
fixtures with a self generating power supply
that eliminates the need for monthly
battery replacement which reduces
maintenance expenses and the quantity of
alkaline batteries going to landfills.
Energy and
Operational Savings Over
$4.7 Million
Working with the airport
authority’s own initiatives and
ESG’s expertise makes this
partnership a rewarding first
step in an enduring purpose.”
Larry Gouldthorpe,
President of TBI Airport
Management, Inc. at Orlando
Sanford Airport
Without a doubt, these
improvements will dynamically
impact our ongoing efforts to
safeguard the environment,
conserve resources wherever
practical, and prudently
manage the costs of running
an international airport.”
Larry Dale,
Sanford Airport Authority
President and CEO
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