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Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois
Project Background
Chartered in 1895, Northern Illinois
University (NIU) is a comprehensive
teaching and research institution with a
student enrollment of more than 25,000.
Energy Systems Group partnered with
NIU to develop a number of successful
comprehensive energy efficiency and
infrastructure improvement projects. By
implementing these projects with ESG, the
University has avoided over $39 Million in
capital expenditures and will realize over $63
Million in energy and operational savings.
Strategies & Solutions
In addition to the capital avoidance and
operational savings, the energy conservation
projects had and will continue to have a
positive impact on the environment. The
various campus-wide improvement projects
included the installation of a central chilled
water plant, energy-efficient HVAC systems,
building controls, new windows and doors,
over 80,000 energy-efficient light fixtures
throughout 56 buildings, occupancy
sensors, and solar panels for pool heating.
Environmental Benefits
Since 2000, Energy Systems Group has
developed energy conservation measures
and energy infrastructure improvements
across the Northern Illinois University (NIU)
campus, thereby reducing NIU’s carbon
footprint by more than 399,700 metric tons
of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to
• Removal of greenhouse emissions from
69,224 passenger vehicles, or
• Planting 96,913 acres of pine trees
Project Phases
• Phase I - Lighting Retrofit and installation
of occupancy (motion) sensors
(18 buildings)
• Phase II - Convocation Center HVAC
• Phase III - Lighting Redesign and Retrofit
Program (40 buildings and over 40,000
lighting fixtures)
• Phase IV – West Chiller Plant
• Phase V – Two-Way Control Valve
Installation (Four Residence Halls)
• Phase VI – Window / Door Replacement
and Mechanical & Control System Retrofits
(Five Residence Halls)
• Phase VII – Window Replacement and
Swimming Pool, Main Heating Plant Boiler
and Miscellaneous HVAC Upgrades
(11 Buildings)
• Phase VIII – Lighting, HVAC, Windows/
Doors, Heating Plant, Control System
Upgrades and Piping Insulation
• Phase IX – Window Replacement, Lighting,
Air & Dirt Elimination System, Structural
Repairs, Brine System Piping, Building
Automation Systems and Plumbing Fixtures
Energy Savings Over
$2.8 Million Annually
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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