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Union College
Barbourville, Kentucky
Project Background
Union College is an independent liberal
arts college founded in 1879. Union’s
600-plus undergraduates and over 1,000
graduate students represent 24 states
and 14 countries. The College’s academic
program fulfills the goal of a liberal arts
education. It also provides students with
the skills necessary to compete in a diverse
job market. Union’s 100-acre campus is
on the edge of the beautiful Appalachian
Mountains in southeastern Kentucky.
Union College selected Energy Systems
Group to provide key facility modernization
and energy conservation measures through
an “Energy Conservation Initiative” project.
This multi-faceted approach was designed
to make Union’s campus more energy
efficient and environmentally friendly.
Strategies & Solutions
The Energy Conservation Initiative
was comprised of 13 sites on campus
and included the following:
• New energy-efficient lighting systems
to reduce costs and improve visibility for
students and staff
• A geothermal well-field to support
environmentally friendly heating and air
conditioning systems
• New windows and insulation to keep
conditioned air inside the buildings
• New digital control systems to provide
exactly the heating or cooling needed
in each area
The enhancements helped Union
achieve its goal of improving energy
efficiency while providing cost-effective,
comfortable classrooms and workspaces.
Energy and
Operational Savings Over
$2.6 Million
Union College President de Rosset and
ESG’s Ron Bresser shake hands after drilling
the first of 108, 300-foot geothermal wells.
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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