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John B. Shepherd Central Utility Plant
Clark Atlanta University & Spelman College – Atlanta, Georgia
Project Background
Energy Systems Group (ESG) completed
a $12 Million renovation of the John B.
Shepherd Central Utility Plant located on
the campus of Clark Atlanta University
(CAU). The Central Utility Plant services
23 buildings at Spelman College, 14 at
CAU and 14 at Morehouse College.
Energy Systems Group was selected in
October of 2006 to completely renovate
the Central Utility Plant to provide
steam, hot water for heating and chilled
water for cooling to the three Atlanta
University Center (AUC) institutions for
the next 15 years. ESG completed these
renovations while continuing to provide
steam needs to all three campuses.
Having developed a cost-effective
strategy that did not require additional
space, ESG completed all renovations
and equipment installations within the
plant’s existing structural footprint.
The state of the art central plant now
provides maximum reliability and highest
efficiency performance. Key facility
upgrades include the installation of a
1300-ton chiller that enables the plant to
provide chilled water for air conditioning
of many buildings for the first time.
In addition, ESG installed two new
high efficiency boilers fueled by either
natural gas or propane and one high
efficiency boiler powered by electricity.
Environmental Benefits:
The removal of 3 old boilers and replacing
them with 2 new gas boilers, 1 electrode
boiler and a 1300-ton chiller results in
annual savings of 15,100,000 kwh of
electricity which is equivalent to the
following environmental benefits:
• CO
Reduction Equivalent to Removing
2,121 Cars from the Road Annually; or
• Consumption Savings Equivalent to
Creating Enough Energy to Power 1,037
Homes Annually; or
• CO
Reduction Equivalent to Planting 2,670
Acres of Pine Forest Annually
Water Piping Distribution
Energy Systems Group engineered,
designed and installed over three miles
of new underground piping as another
major step towards providing reliable
and efficient steam and chilled water
throughout the campus. The first phase
of the piping distribution connected the
renovated Central Utility Plant to five major
buildings on the main campus. Two more
buildings are were added in the Spring
of 2009, with future connection capacity
of eight more buildings. ESG completed
the piping distribution work throughout
the entire CAU campus with minimal
disruption to students and classes.
Energy and
Operational Savings Over
$5.6 Million
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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