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West Side Energy Center
Chicago, Illinois
Project Background
The Jesse Brown Veterans Affairs(VA) Medical
Center was seeking a demonstrated way to
improve energy reliability and reduce costs
for their 200 bed campus serving over 1800
staff and 62,000 local veterans. VA wanted
a trusted partner offering low risk and no
impact to the hospital’s services NO COST to
VA or taxpayers.
Strategies & Solutions
Energy Systems group designed,
implemented, and now operates a leading
edge energy center to meet the medical
center’s energy needs.
Leveraging the Enhanced-Use-Lease
concept, ESG is able to dramatically improve
the energy security and self-sufficiency for
the entire medical campus. This fullservice
energy center provides electricity, steam
and chilled water to the medical center and
associated facilities. Through this on-going
$13 million partnership, VA benefits include:
• Financing Package to Pay for Projects
Without Any Capital Expense from VA
• Reliable & Secure Source of Energy to Meet
all Campus Needs
• Reduced Energy and Operation Costs to
Support Existing Hospital Mission
• Energy Self-Sufficiency for the VA Medical
ESG was able to further help VA plan and
meet for the campus’ future:
• Medical Center receives a percentage of
revenues from ALL energy sales to non-
Veterans Affairs customers
Key Installed Technologies
Complete Service Energy Center with
• 3.4 MW of electric generation
• 1 Heat Recovery Steam Generator
• 2 package steam boilers
• 100,000 pounds capacity per hour of
steam production for VA
• 3,000 tons per hour of chilled water
supplied to VA
• Dual-Fuel Capability for added
energy security
HVAC Systems
• Upgrades and modifications to HVAC
control systems for campus
• Chilled water system replacements to
maximize energy and cooling effectiveness
Steam Systems
• New steam plant
• Centralized steam supply from energy
center for VA
Energy Security with No
Customer Capital Invested
This plant and this partnership
is a prime example of what
needs to happen elsewhere
across the country to benefit
our constituents.”
Joan E. Cummings, M.D.
VISN Director, VISN 12
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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