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Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia (MCLB) provides worldwide,
integrated logistics/supply chain and distribution management, depot-level
maintenance, and strategic pre-positioning capability in support of military
operating forces.
In order to assist MCLB in exceeding the renewable energy mandates outlined in
Executive Order 13423 and the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) as well as comply
with the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, ESG developed, designed,
and constructed the Navy’s first landfill gas-to-energy (LFGE) project, funded via
Strategies & Solutions
Winner of the 2013 Energy Star CHP Award, this project was the result of a
cooperative effort with MCLB Albany, ESG, and Dougherty County, Georgia. The
scope includes installation and operation of a landfill gas (LFG) compression-and-
dehydration station, LFG and condensate pipelines, and a 1.9-MW combined heat
and power (CHP) LFGE plant with LFG as the primary fuel source to produce steam
for MCLB.
ESG also installed lighting upgrades in 82 industrial buildings, including daylight
harvesting controls in several areas in the MCA, and expanded direct digital
controls (DDCs) installed under a precious contract.
MCLB P4 Microgrid/Renewable CHP
Key Installed Technologies
Constructed a new LFG compression-
and-dehydration station
Constructed a new LFGE CHP plant that
produces 1.9 MW of renewable electric
power and up to 13.3 MMBtu/h of
Installed a new underground LFG and
condensate piping system
Modified MCA’s electrical feed to allow
interconnection of the generator to
MCLB’s electric grid
Installed an underground steam piping
system to connect to the Base boiler
Installed T5 and T8 fluorescent fixtures,
LED exit signs, outdoor lighting,
daylight harvesting controls, and
occupancy sensors in 82 industrial
Savings Information
Lifetime energy and operational
savings of over $63.9 million
Project Size
$20.5 million
Environmental Benefits
The LFGE plant produces 1.9 MW of
renewable electric power and up to
13.3 MMBtu/h of steam – 19% of the
Base’s annual energy use now comes
from renewable energy. This project
also reduced the Base’s energy
intensity by 16% from its 2003
baseline, which greatly assists in
meeting EPAct goals.
ESG did a great job! This
project is making green
Eddie Hunt ,
Installation Energy Manger
Albany, Georgia