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Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island
Jacksonville, Florida
Project Background
The Naval Facilities Engineering Command
(NAVFAC) manages the planning, design,
construction, contingency engineering, real
estate, environmental, and public works
support for U.S. Navy shore facilities around
the world. NAVFAC provides the Navy’s
forces with the operating, expeditionary,
support and training bases they need.
NAVFAC is a global organization with
an annual volume of business in excess
of $13 billion. As a major Navy Systems
Command and an integral member of the
Navy and Marine Corps team, NAVFAC
delivers timely and effective facilities
engineering solutions worldwide.
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
(NAVFAC) Southeast awarded a $5.2
million Utility Energy Services Contract
(UESC) through TECO Peoples Gas to
Energy Systems Group, LLC for energy
improvements to facilities at Blount Island
Command saving $496,725 annually.
Projects under this UESC will include
high efficiency lighting retrofits, HVAC
improvements, controls upgrades, motor
upgrades, transformer replacements,
metering, compressed air system repairs,
insulation, solar hot-water and geothermal
energy systems.
Strategies & Solutions
“We are always looking ahead to find
ways to conserve energy,” said NAVFAC
Southeast Energy Program Manager Brad
Clark. “When the analysis was complete
we found many buildings that could
use upgrades to conserve energy.”
Thirteen facilities and five non-facility
areas will see some type of energy saving
Solar hot water panels are to be installed on
building 100 to augment its existing electric
water heating system.
Solar powered (photovoltaic) systems
include solar powered water circulators in
two retention ponds to maintain proper
oxygen levels. Solar powered car charging
systems will be installed at buildings 350,
351, 390 and 450 to relieve 44 electric
vehicles from the utility system.
Geothermal energy systems include replacing
building 450 cooling equipment with a
water-cooled chiller and water-source heat
pump. Ground-source heat pumps and new
air handling units will replace existing heating
and cooling equipment in building 150.
Annual Energy Savings
over $490,000
This project puts us on the
path to meet the goals of
the Commandant of the
Marine Corps Campaign Plan,
increases our use of renewable
energy, and reduces energy to
meet executive order goals.”
Colonel Steven Peters
Blount Island Base Commander
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