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Housed on Fort Detrick’s 100-acre campus, the National Interagency Biodefense
Campus (NIBC) is a significant multi-agency project established in the wake of the
9/11 terrorist attacks. Fort Detrick is also the home of the U.S. Army Medical
Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), the largest biosafety level 4
(BSL-4) research laboratory in the United States, and the National Cancer Institute
(NCI-Frederick), the largest research facility of its kind in the country. In order to
meet the critical utility needs of the NIBC, the Army decided to utilize the
Department of Defense’s Enhanced-Use Leasing Authority, a financing and
development mechanism by which to acquire services, capital improvements, and/
or revenue through the outlease of underutilized property .
Strategies & Solutions
Under Phase I of the project, ESG designed and constructed a 39,000 sq/ft Central
Utility Plant (CUP) that houses mechanical and electrical generation and
distribution equipment, as well as a utility distribution corridor. These systems
ensure that critical utilities on the campus remain safe and operational in the event
of external failures. ESG is responsible for on-site operations and maintenance of
the CUP.
Follow-on work has included extending direct-buried steam, condensate, and
chilled water distribution systems. High-pressure steam and chilled water
generated by the CUP will be provided to individual campus load centers located
on the NIBC via utility interconnections for a fully redundant distribution loop. ESG
provided turnkey design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and
procurement for steam and chilled water laterals from existing thermal loops and
extending the existing duct banks to the Navy Medical Bio-Defense Research Lab
(NMBDRL) transformers connect the facility to the CUP. Further, ESG provided
steam supply and condensate return services, chilled water supply and return
services, and electrical service to the USAMRIID facility.
P3 Micro Grid Energy Security Solution
Key Installed Technologies
Five 1,200-HP dual-fuel fire tube boilers
that provide over 200,000 PPH 125 PSIG
Four 1,800-ton electric centrifugal
chillers and a 2.5-million-gallon, 27,000-
ton-hours thermal energy storage tank
Eight 1.67-MVA diesel uninterrup­tible
power supply units mechanically
coupled to rotary flywheels and four 2.0
-MVA diesel standby generators
100,000-gallon #2 diesel fuel backup
Project Size
Construction cost of $190.2 Million
Services Provided
NIBC utilidor distribution
Electrical distribution
Medium-voltage power &
Facility architecture creation
Boiler plant/steam system
Chilled water plant installation
Fuel oil storage
Operations & maintenance
This project required
significant effort from
numerous individuals. This
effort was all the way from
field personnel to corporate
management. ESG
personnel were engaged
and extremely organized
throughout this process.”
Michael E. Penland,
Principal, Keenan
Development Associates
Fort Detrick, Maryland