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Established in 1880, Picatinny Arsenal is one of the oldest military installations in
the U.S. Situated on a 6,500-acre research and development campus in the
northwest corner of northwestern New Jersey, Picatinny operates 2.7 million square
feet of indoor floor space and supports over 4,000 personnel.
Picatinny’s Garrison Utilities Directorate had provided heat to the Arsenal’s
buildings by generating high pressure steam at a central heating plant (CHP) that
was built more than 60 years ago. The steam was distributed through
approximately 30 miles of above and below-ground steam piping. Picatinny’s
boilers and steam distribution system had seriously deteriorated over the years,
leaving a highly inefficient system that required several hundred thousand dollars
per year in funding just to maintain some degree of structural and thermal integrity.
Strategies & Solutions
ESG reconfigured the Arsenal’s central heating system by installing new steam
boilers, hot water boilers, furnaces, or unit heaters to serve the facility’s 250+
existing buildings. An industrial grade monitoring and control system was installed
to support future operation and maintenance requirements. The 18-month
construction schedule required detailed coordination between several
subcontractors, the local gas utility, numerous Arsenal employees and decision
makers, and a sizable number of ESG employees.
ESG will operate and maintain the system for 18 years under the operations portion
of the contract allowing the Arsenal to focus greater resources on its core missions.
Over the contract term, the project will reduce Picatinny’s long-term operating
costs by over $100 million and reduce harmful carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen dioxide
emissions by an estimated 1 million tons.
Picatinny Arsenal 5
Key Installed Technologies
120 boilers and auxiliaries providing
150 MMBtu of heat and serving 265
Renovation of over 6,000 feet of steam
distribution lines
Base-wide energy management and
control system serving 121 buildings
Redesign and replacement of building
interior heat distribution systems
Coordination of all air emissions
Electric back-up generation to the boiler
plants to ensure that steam is available
for heating during electrical outages
Ongoing operations, maintenance, and
repair/replacement of installed units
Savings Information
Energy and Operational Savings over
$107.7 Million
Project Size
$32.3 Million
Project Benefits
The new natural gas distribution
system and delivery of gas directly to
most facilities allows the Arsenal
flexible heating solutions. It also
provides for major infrastructure
improvements and progress towards
standardization and modernization of
systems and equipment.
All aspects of ESG’s work,
from project development
through implementation, is
of the highest quality.”
Thomas E. Struble ,
Contracting Liaison
Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey