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Established in 1880, Picatinny Arsenal is one of the oldest military installations in
the U.S. ESG was competitively selected to perform its fifth Energy Conservation
Measure (ECM) at the Arsenal based on the company’s qualifications, business
relationships, and most importantly, exceptional work on all previous ECMs, which
will save the Arsenal more than $119 million in energy and operational savings over
the next two decades.
The ESG team worked with Picatinny Arsenal to develop a plan to prioritize its most
critical energy and infrastructure needs. The Arsenal needed to abandon its
existing central compressed air system and had been renting costly compressed air
equipment during construction. Additionally, HVAC controls components were
either non-existent or in a state of disrepair in numerous buildings throughout the
Arsenal and needed installing or upgrading in order for them to attain optimal
occupancy comfort levels.
Strategies & Solutions
ESG investigated potential energy saving opportunities and determined, along with
Arsenal personnel, that the following three would achieve the greatest benefit for
Picatinny while generating the maximum amount of energy savings: Compressed
Air Decentralization; HVAC Controls Installation; and HVAC Improvements.
ESG reconfigured the Arsenal’s centralized compressed air system by installing new
air compressors, dryers, and ancillary equipment in 27 buildings, including satellite
air compressor systems. The overhaul to the HVAC system included installing
temperature and current sensors, valve controls, equipment enable/disable points,
and override points to control and monitor HVAC equipment. In Building 31, a
constant-volume HVAC system was converted to variable-air-volume (VAV) by
installing VAV boxes with controls to provide a winter-free cooling system for the
central chiller. The 13-month implementation schedule required detailed
coordination between the ESG, several subcontractors, and numerous Arsenal
employees and decision makers.
Picatinny Arsenal 6
Key Installed Technologies
Installed new air compressors, dryers,
and ancillary equipment at 27 buildings
Installed HVAC controls components in
18 buildings
Converted the existing constant-
volume HVAC system to variable-air-
Operating and maintaining most
installed equipment
Savings Information
Energy and Operational Savings over
$12.7 Million
Project Size
$3.8 Million
Project Benefits
The new compressed air system
reduced energy costs as well as
increased reliability and compressed
air quality. This project also eliminated
rental of the central air compressor
and return equipment and reduced
maintenance needs. Improvements to
HVAC systems throughout the Arsenal
reduced energy costs and decreased
equipment run time.
All aspects of ESG’s work,
from project development
through implementation, is
of the highest quality.”
Thomas E. Struble ,
Contracting Liaison
Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey