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City of Covington
Covington, Kentucky
Project Background
The City of Covington is located on the
northeastern portion of Kenton County,
Kentucky, directly across the Ohio River
from Cincinnati, Ohio. In an effort to realize
significant savings and maximize taxpayer
dollars towards building improvements
and becoming green, the City of Covington
partnered with Energy Systems Group to
implement over $2.8 Million of energy
efficiency and facility improvement measures
throughout the City.
Strategies & Solutions
As a result of the energy performance
contract developed by Energy Systems
Group, the City expects to save $5 million
over 20 years. “In the first year, Covington
has saved $200,000 in energy costs, about
$20,000 more than anticipated,” said Tom
Logan, director of public improvements and
city engineer.
Both the city and Energy Systems Group have
received national publicity for the energy-
saving efforts implemented, including a front
cover story of trade magazine “Public Works”
for a piece heralding the energy-saving
performance contract (ESPC) signed in 2008.
Phase I
The scope of work for the first phase included
facility improvements for 9 buildings
throughout the City, including City Hall, fire
stations, the Police Headquarters, PublicWorks
and parking garages. Technologies to be
employed include lighting system upgrades,
vending machine controllers, occupancy
sensors, HVAC system improvements, energy
management controls, CO
controls, variable speed drives and water-
efficiency upgrades, among others.
The city replaced some of the 429 city-
owned traffic-signal bulbs at 20 intersections
plus 182 pedestrian crosswalk lamps with
light-emitting diodes, which draw less power
and last 8-10 years rather than 11 months
for traditional bulbs. Also, a new lighting
system for the city center parking garage is
estimated to save $14,000 per year.
The City of Covington will receive rebates from
their electrical energy supplier to supplement
the costs of lighting improvements.
Phase II
The second phase of the project was
funded with $188,000 in federal stimulus
grant money and $400,000 in city capital
improvement funds.
In the second phase, the city changed 76
light fixtures in Mainstrasse from 175-watt
mercury vapor lights to 68-watt compact
fluorescent lights. The city also replaced
50 lights under overpasses, reducing the
wattage from 150-200 watts to 68 watts.
“Phase II also included the replacement of
a boiler in city hall with a high-efficiency
condensing boiler,” Logan said. “Heating and
air conditioning upgrades were also made to
the police department,” he added.
• Lighting System Improvements (4 Buildings,
2 Parking Garages, City Underpasses,
Mainstrasse street & walkways)
• Energy Management Systems and Controls
(3 Buildings)
• Water and Sewer Improvements
(2 Buildings)
• HVAC Improvements (3 Buildings)
• Windows (2 Buildings)
Energy and
Operational Savings Over
$5 Million
Working with progressive
leadership at the municipal
level to provide energy
efficiency and facility upgrade
improvements is exciting.
The City of Covington has
demonstrated through this
project that it is focused on
energy issues and we are
proud to be partnering with
them providing creative
Ray Hinson,
ESG Regional Director
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modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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