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City of Hollywood Green S.W.E.E.P
Hollywood, Florida
Project Background
The City of Hollywood received a $1.3
million grant through the Energy Efficiency
& Conservation Block Grant Program
as part of the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act. This federal stimulus
funding was designed to create jobs and
increase the use of renewable energy.
The City of Hollywood has partnered with
Energy Systems Group (ESG), to develop
this renewable energy project: Hollywood
Green S.W.E.E.P. (Solar Wind Energy Efficiency
Project) includes the installation of solar
panels capable of generating 140 kW of solar
photovoltaic capacity and wind turbines
with a total generation capacity of 4kW.
Hollywood Green S.W.E.E.P. will reduce
the City’s energy costs and carbon
emissions and serve as an example of how
renewable energy technologies can be
used in the public and private sectors to
help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
Strategies & Solutions
A total of 140 kW of solar photovoltaic
generation capacity will be installed at
City Hall, the Hollywood Beach Culture
& Community Center and Fire Stations
74 & 105. Additionally wind turbines
with total generation capacity of 4
kW will be installed at the Hollywood
Beach Culture & Community Center.
New Energy Efficient Reflective
Cool Roofs will also be installed at
City Hall and the Hollywood Beach
Culture & Community Center.
Once the project is completed, the City’s
website,, will link
visitors to the Hollywood S.W.E.E.P. webpage
where they can view in real time the amount
of wind and solar energy being generated
at the four facilities. Approximately 80
elementary students participated in the
Hollywood Green S.W.E.E.P. kick-off event
which included a solar demonstration trailer
from Advanced Green Technologies that
shows how energy from the sun can power
a traditional kitchen. To read more about
Hollywood Green S.W.E.E.P, visit
Environmental Benefits
Carbon footprint reduced by
548,427 pounds of CO
or any of the following:
• Removal of emissions from more than 32
cars annually
• Planting more than 66 acres of
trees annually
Annual Energy Savings
over 228,000 kWh
In Hollywood we are
constantly pursuing
opportunities to
adopt innovative and
environmentally friendly
practices. This project shows
how solar and wind power can
be used in a very practical way
to reduce traditional power
consumption and save money.”
Peter J.M. Bober,
City of Hollywood Mayor
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