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Maryland Transportation Authority
Statewide Maryland
Project Background
The Maryland Transportation Authority
(MDTA) operates all of the bridges, tunnels
and toll plazas across the state of Maryland.
Since 1971, the MDTA has been responsible
for constructing, managing, operating and
improving the State’s toll facilities, as well
as for financing new revenue-producing
transportation projects. The MDTA’s eight
toll facilities, two tunnels and four bridges
help keep traffic moving in Maryland.
The MDTA selected Energy Systems
Group (ESG), a specialized energy
services and performance contracting
company (ESCO), to complete over $8.6
million of infrastructure upgrades and
comprehensive energy conservation
measures to 46 buildings at eight
locations statewide. These measures and
improvements will result in energy savings
of $640,000 annually and a reduction in
maintenance costs of $184,000 annually.
Strategies & Solutions
The energy conservation measures and
infrastructure improvements developed
by ESG include advanced-technology LED
lighting which will replace existing sign lights
throughout the State, including the Bay
Bridge. The facility improvements include:
• New Boilers
• Expanded HVAC DDC Controls
• Upgraded Lighting and associated controls
• PV System – Solar Heating
• Water Conservation
• Building Envelope Upgrades
Environmental Benefits
This sustainable project will result in 30%
reduction in energy usage in facilities; 69%
reduction in energy usage in sign lights and
will provide annual environmental benefits
equivalent to the removal of emissions from
more than 850 cars or generating enough
electricity to power more than 645 homes.
Annual Energy and
Operational Savings
over $820,000
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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