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Roseland Community Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
Project Background
Roseland Community Hospital is a
privately owned hospital in the heart
of urban Chicago that provides greatly-
needed services and employment
opportunities to its surrounding
community. Through this project, ESG
assisted the hospital in its efforts to
rectify two Illinois Department of Public
Health (IDPH) violations that jeopardized
the facility’s Medicare funding. Energy
Systems Group provided engineering,
design, project management and official
documentation support for the IDPH.
Strategies & Solutions
Energy Systems Group replaced two
antiquated steam boilers with high
efficiency boilers, replaced a temporary
generator with a permanent generator and
placed it in a secure enclosure, and replaced
main switching gear in the fire pump rooms.
Key Installed Technologies
• The hospital’s antiquated boilers were past
the end of their service cycle, and lacked
redundant fuel supplies.
• Resourceful rigging methods were used
to maneuver and install two 6,000 MBU
boilers, with just inches to spare.
• ESG provided two new high efficiency
Bryant steam boilers with diesel
compatible burners, backup diesel lines
and pumps.
Emergency Generator
• ESG provided a permanent emergency
generator and enclosure to serve critical
fire sprinkler system pump circuits.
Switching Gear
• Deteriorated, out-of-date main switching
gear in the basement was replaced, and
new circuits were wired to new Automatic
Transfer Switches in both pump rooms.
• ESG rose to the challenge of working in
extremely tight spaces, routing piping
around existing lines and multiple obstacles.
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