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War Memorial Hospital
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Project Background
Energy Systems Group (ESG) completed
a Performance Contracting Facility
Improvement Plan for War Memorial
Hospital facilities. Capitalizing on its
industry expertise in designing energy
efficiency programs, and in evaluating
energy conservation measures, Energy
Systems Group generated energy reduction
strategies for the War Memorial Hospital.
Through energy and operational savings,
Energy Systems Group developed a
plan that allows maximum benefit to
War Memorial Hospital facilities.
Strategies & Solutions
This program will provide for a
comprehensive Facility Improvement Plan
for the War Memorial Hospital facilities.
Benefits toWar Memorial Hospital facilities
• Reduced Occupant and Staff Complaints
• Guaranteed Performance and
Financial Return
• Promotes Energy Efficiency
• Enhances Space Comfort
• Reduces Energy Expenses
• Reduces Capital Expenses
• Compliance with Energy Policy Act 2005
• Standardized Lighting
• Elimination of Potential Equipment Failure
And Costs Due to Age
• Long-term Upgrade of Infrastructure
Facility Improvements
• Lighting Upgrades
• Occupancy Sensors
• Vend Misers
• Steam System Upgrades
• Temperature Control Upgrade for Major Air
Handling Equipment
• State of the art Digital Control System
• Water Conservation
• Hydraulic Elevator Modifications
Phase 2 Facility Improvements
• Additional Savings over $55,000
• 2 Steam Boiler System Upgrades
• 2 Chiller Upgrades
• Cooling Tower Variable-Frequency
Drive Controls
Annual Energy Savings
over $223,000
ESG is an award-winning energy services company that provides its customers with
innovative energy efficiency, technology, and long-term financing solutions for
modernization of their facilities and energy infrastructure.
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