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Blackfoot Clean Energy Plant
Winslow, Indiana
Project Background
Energy Systems Group designed and built
a power generation facility on site at the
Veolia Environmental Services Blackfoot
Landfill. Instead of simply allowing gas
from the landfill to be burned-off and
wasted, Veolia extract the gas from the
landfill and send it via pipeline to the
Blackfoot power generation facility. There,
the gas is treated and used as fuel to power
the generator for electricity production.
The plant has an installed generation
capacity of 3.2 Megawatts of power.
• Renewable Energy Resource: Electricity
• Southwestern Indiana’s first “green
electricity” project on a commercial scale
• Project employs Caterpillar equipment,
which is manufactured inWest Lafayette, Ind.
• Projected Life: 20 -25 years
• Landfill Owner: Veolia (VE-NYSE)
• Plant Owner: Vectren Power Supply
Environmental Benefits
By capturing these landfill gases,
Energy Systems Group is helping
to provide environmental benefits
equivalent to the following:
• Removal of emissions from more than
22,000 cars per year, or
• Planting about 27,000 acres of forest
per year, or
• Creating enough energy to power
approximately 2,000 homes per year
We are proud to play a role
in decreasing greenhouse
gas emissions into the
environment. This project
is just one example of our
commitment to finding
innovative ways to turn waste
into a resource.”
Richard Burke,
President and CEO of Veolia
Environmental Services N.A.
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