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DeKalb County Renewable Fuels Facility
Seminole Road Landfill – DeKalb County, Georgia
Project Background
In partnership with DeKalb County and the
Clean Cities Atlanta Petroleum Reduction
Program, Energy Systems Group was
selected to design, build and operate a
renewable natural gas (RNG) processing
facility (The DeKalb County Renewable Fuels
Facility) at the Seminole Road Landfill.
The program is funded by DeKalb
County and a U.S. Department of Energy
grant made possible through President
Obama’s federal stimulus program, the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
of 2009. The DeKalb County Renewable
Fuels Facility will turn landfill gas into
renewable fuel thereby reducing diesel
and gasoline fuel consumption and related
emissions in the metro Atlanta area.
Strategies & Solutions
Through the latest advanced gas processing
technologies, ESG will convert landfill gas
to renewable natural gas which can then be
compressed as CNG, or compressed natural
gas, to fuel CNG vehicles. The processed
gas not used as CNG will be injected into
the natural gas pipeline to be transported
to other CNG stations or sold as renewable
natural gas. The DeKalb County Sanitation
Department will convert 70 vehicles to run
on CNG, providing a fuel that is cleaner
and less expensive than diesel fuel.
As a result of this innovative renewable
facility, DeKalb County will have an
abundant fuel supply for many years,
thereby alleviating the impact of oil
price fluctuations. The County’s goal is to
eventually replace or adapt its entire fleet
of 306 sanitation vehicles with natural gas
vehicles over the same time period.
DeKalb County continues to set the standard
regionally and worldwide for green projects.
Upon commencement of the project, the
county will have the capacity to process more
landfill gas than any other county in Georgia.
The DeKalb County Department of Sanitation
has partnered with the Clean Cities Atlanta
Petroleum Reduction Program, a $40 million
initiative with the goals of increasing the
supply and availability of renewable fuels
and decreasing the demand for petroleum
fuels in the metro Atlanta region.
DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis Fuels a
Vehicle with CNG at Seminole Road Landfill
Inside the DeKalb County DeKalb County
Renewable Fuels Facility
DeKalb County Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
Processing Facility Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
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