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Energy Systems Group (ESG) is a leading energy services provider that specializes
in energy efficiency, sustainability, and infrastructure improvement solutions in
the government, education, healthcare, commercial, and industrial sectors. ESG
offers a full range of sustainable infrastructure solutions including waste-to-
energy, distributed generation, and renewable energy.
The Frederick Winchester Service Authority (FWSA) signed a $45 million energy performance
contract with Energy Systems Group (ESG) for the design and construction of comprehensive
energy efficiency and infrastructure improvements at the Opequon Water Reclamation
Facility. This 12.6 million gallon per day enhanced nutrient removal facility has very strict
nitrogen and phosphorus removal requirements necessary to help preserve the well-being of
the Chesapeake Bay. This project is anticipated to achieve operational savings that will cover
not only the cost of the project, but create a revenue stream for FWSA, that will stabilize rates
for its customers and promote existing and future economic development in the Winchester
City and Frederick County area.
The centerpiece of the FWSA project is the construction of a Green Energy Facility, which will
process municipal sludge and high-strength organic waste to produce methane gas, a
renewable fuel, through the process of anaerobic co-digestion. This methane gas will be
utilized to generate up to 848 kilowatts of electricity that, at start-up, will meet more than 50
percent of the treatment plant’s electrical needs. This facility also includes a new sludge
dewatering process that reduces the use of chemicals and significantly reduces the amount
of biosolids hauled to the Regional Landfill for final disposal, by approximately 50 percent.
The Green Energy Facility will also harvest phosphorus from the wastewater stream, a rare
element that is an essential ingredient for fertilizer and crop production. The facility is
scheduled to be operational in 2016.
Frederick-Winchester Service Authority
Treatment Infrastructure Renewal
Anaerobic digestion: Three (3) 1.25
million gallon digesters, 13,000 sf
control building housing switchgear,
lab, boilers, heat exchangers, grinders,
pumps, compressors
Dewatering: Gravity belt thickeners, belt
filter presses, polymer feed pumps,
progressive cavity pumps and
associated electrical
Controls: SCADA control system
Electrical: New primary 12.5 kV
switchgear unit, 800 kW emergency
power system interconnected to
cogeneration, net metering/grid
paralleling capability
Aeration: Replace Four (4) 450hp
multistage blowers with Four (4) 200hp
turbo blowers, new electrical, fine
bubble diffusers, piping and controls
Green Energy & Resource Recovery
848 kW electric cogeneration with
biogas conditioning system
High strength food waste and FOG
receiving facility with segregated waste
Ostara Pearl® phosphorus nutrient
recovery system
Facility Efficiency Improvements
Building energy management control
Lighting and mechanical system
Potable water system upgrade
Project Size
$45 Million
The Green Energy Facility
will not only provide food
processing companies with
local, sustainable, cost-
effective, and
waste disposal solutions, it
will also significantly
promote local economic
growth by creating jobs and
attracting new businesses
and revenue streams to the
Jesse Moffett ,
FWSA Executive Director
Winchester, Virginia
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