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Strategies & Solutions
Energy Systems Group provided well-
field improvements, gas processing
design, engineering, construction
management, and operational staff for
this plant. Some of the benefits include:
• Well-field evaluation to determine
maximum gas production
• Experienced engineering and design staff
select appropriate gas cleanup technology
• Provided contract support for agreement
with local gas distribution company
• Provided well-field training to landfill
owner’s staff
Live Oak Landfill Gas to Energy Facility
Atlanta, Georgia
The Live Oak facility will
significantly improve the local
community air quality by
reducing the carbon dioxide
– greenhouse gas – emissions
by the equivalent of removing
more than 108,000
vehicles from the roads or
planting more than 134,500
acres of forest.”
(Source: LMOP)
Project Background
The Live Oak Landfill is a large, closed
landfill located in the southeastern Atlanta
metro area. Due to air emission restrictions,
power generation was not an option.
There were no large industrial users close
to the site to take in the large volumes of
medium BTU gas. A landfill gas to pipeline-
quality project was the best solution.
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