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Welcome Message from the Vet Med Complex


The Veterinary Medicine Complex will undergo a transformation over the next 18 months as part of an innovative partnership between campus Facilities and Services (F&S) and Energy Systems Group (ESG), a leading energy services company (ESCO) contracted to develop and implement a comprehensive energy-savings performance project.


The Vet Med ESCO project will achieve energy and cost savings by improving energy infrastructure and technology and by modernizing facilities. The changes will improve our facilities, benefit the campus bottom line, and make us more earth-friendly.


Once the project is completed, energy consumption at Vet Med is projected to drop by nearly 40%, and our carbon footprint will be reduced by more than 17 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the 18 year term of the project.


We are proud to be campus leaders in energy conservation. Look for more news about how and when this project will affect the facilities you use.

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