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G. David Gearhart

University of Arkansas Chancellor

Mike Johnson

Associate Vice Chancellor
for Facilities Management

Message from the Chancellor


Energy Systems Group understands the importance of keeping the campus informed about the progress of the Razors EDGE program. This website is an excellent example of their commitment to involving and educating the people who are directly effected by the energy efficiency improvements to our buildings.


This partnership between ESG and the University of Arkansas underlines our commitment to sustainability and green environmental initiatives. It is a definite plus that ESG is able to guarantee these improvements will pay for themselves, and, in the long term, save money for both the University and the Arkansas taxpayers.


G. David Gearhart


University of Arkansas



Message from Mike Johnson


This website should be a big help for the people on campus in two ways. First, it will let them know when work is being done in their building, what the work involves, why it is being done and when it will be finished. Second, and just as important, it will help give people a stake in these improvements. It will help explain how to properly use the new technology in each building and how using these improvements will save both energy and money.


Mike Johnson

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management

University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas

Razors "Efficiently Delivering Green Energy"

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