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FlexLight Photovoltaic System (Hollywood Beach Culture & Community Center)

Project Fact: A toal of 140 kW of solar photovoltaic generation capacity will be installed

Solar Photovoltaic Panels


  • High Temperature and low light Performance
  • Flexible and lightweight - Virtually unbreakable, weighs less than one pound per square loot, compared to five pounds per square loot for a traditional solar system
  • Adheres directly to the roof without penetrations - approved for roofing manufacturer warranties
  • Triple Junction Technology - captures the complete solar spectrum more efficiently
  • Generates electricity at low light levels - produces more electricity per watt than any other system
  • Approved by state revenue departments for tax incentives and rebates
  • Bypass diode across every solar cell - minimizes power loss when shaded



Click on the link below to view a Real-Time Solar Monitoring Dashboard that is customized for the City of Hollywood SWEEP project solar technologies.

Wind Turbines

Solar Panels

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